July 30, 2019 • RBS

For twenty-two years, Black Hat USA has been one of the world’s leading information security events, drawing together cybersecurity professionals and leaders within the industry to explore the latest in research, development, and security trends. As the provider of the most comprehensive vulnerability and breach intelligence, we’re excited to be part of the event once again.

This year, Risk Based Security co-founder and CISO Jake Kouns will be contributing to the important discussion around Cyber Insurance, as part of the Cyber Insurance Micro Summit chaired by Jeremiah Grossman.

For years, Jake has been monitoring the data breach landscape and, more recently, the rapid growth of interest in Cyber Insurance; a solution that is fast becoming a necessity in a changing and hostile security environment. Within the past few months alone, organizations of all kinds have suffered from data breaches. Small municipalities have opted to pay exorbitant amounts of funds to recover data, and as readers of our Breach Exchange mailing list know, Florida is becoming known for being a Ransomware punching bag as well as for its palm trees. Large organizations have also suffered from attacks which have been a considerable drain on resources as they strengthen their security infrastructure or pay for recovery after-the-fact.

There is growing recognition of Cyber Insurance as a potential tool for organizations looking to be prepared in this current landscape. However, Information Security professionals and incident responders are in many cases unaware of how the cyber insurance process works when there is a data breach and do not understand the requirements that can affect the incident response process. Selecting the right policy for your organization, in this complex new market, can be challenging, as Jake explained in a recent feature in IT Pro Today:

“That’s still the biggest issue with cyber insurance: confusion. You can talk to someone about insurance and they lens in on the policies they know. But with so many different carriers, it’s not even like comparing apples and oranges. It’s like apples, oranges and kiwis. Policies are all so different. If anyone tries to broad-brush about cyber insurance, they aren’t being honest.”

Jake Kouns, Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Operating Officer

In Jake’s 50-minute Briefing at Black Hat, he will provide information on the current data breach landscape and discuss how Cyber Insurance is being integrated into a risk management plan. Jake will be speaking on August 7th, 2:40pm-3:30pm. Other valuable sessions in the Micro Summit include a Cyber Insurance 101 for CISOs, lead by Jeffrey Smith of Cyber Risk Underwriters, and a look at How Cyber Insurers View the World, by Matt Prevost of Chubb. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to better protect your organization. If you are attending Black Hat 2019, then we invite you to spend time with us at our exclusive  Hospitality Suite, conveniently located in Mandalay Bay, where you can catch your breath, grab some swag and chat to our team about your information security challenges. We’d be pleased to give you a personal demo of our products. 

To schedule time with us, get your name on the list for the RBS/GuidePoint Happy Hour, or learn more about our activities at Black Hat take a look over here. We look forward to seeing you there.

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