Growing systemic and risk aggregation complexities are top concerns for cyber insurance providers. As the cyber insurance market evolves and matures, comprehensive and detailed risk data is increasingly essential for modeling and decision making. The data businesses rely on is often incomplete, lacking detail, or lacking historical context and trends.

Risk Based Security has been cataloging data breach activity long before breaches were capturing public and media attention. Our products offer comprehensive intelligence on breaches across all industries, including data on frequency, severity, and known costs. Coupled with comprehensive scoring, we enable more accurate underwriting decisions and calculation of aggregate portfolio risk.

Solutions for Cyber Insurance


Our world-renowned researchers perform in-depth analysis to provide our customers with the high-quality intelligence they need to secure their business.

VulnDB is the world’s most comprehensive, detailed, and timely source of intelligence.

  • 200,000+ known vulnerabilities, ⅓ of which are not found in CVE/NVD.
  • 23,000+ monitored unique vendor products.
  • Continuously monitor for potential exploits and gauge the likelihood of threats.
  • Real-time email alerts for instant awareness.
  • Easy-to-use SaaS portal that requires no hardware or software installation.

Cyber Risk Analytics (CRA) is the leading source of threat intelligence about organizations that have experienced a data breach or leaked credentials.

  • CRA arms cyber insurers with the insight to make smart underwriting decisions.
  • Create a proper forecast for specific classes of business using the most up-to-date data breach figures.
  • Assess the security of your vendors and identify a path for improvement.
  • Real-time email alerts for instant awareness.
  • Easy-to-use SaaS portal that requires no hardware or software installation.

YourCISO is a fully customizable, easy-to-use web portal that provides organizations with on-demand access to high-quality security and information and risk management resources.

  • Practical and cost-effective solution for organizations to improve their security posture while freeing up internal staff resources.
  • Strengthen the readiness of your supply chain by enabling vendors to mature their own security posture.

Metrics, Ratings, and Insights

Determine if a product is secure and if the vendor has responded to past security issues appropriately.

  • Proprietary Vulnerability Timeline and Exposure Metrics (VTEM) helps determine if a product and vendor is secure.
  • Historical vulnerability data provides a complete picture.
  • Gain insight as to how Risk Based Security arrives at provided ratings for full risk comprehension.

Procurement and Vendor Selection

Our products take data from numerous sources to calculate a Five Star Rating to better understand the security of an organization and their products.

  • Use PreBreach ratings to reveal the cyber hygiene of an organization and determine the likelihood of a data breach.
  • Conduct effective due diligence on vendors under evaluation, and during mergers & acquisitions.
  • Prioritize remediation for those vendors already in your supply chain.


Our products enable your organization to comply with relevant regulations and standards in your industry.

  • Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities in your organization and supply chain.
  • Mitigate the potential financial consequences and damage to your brand from non-compliance.

Reporting and Analysis

Create custom reports and dashboards to see what you need to know, at a glance.

  • Utilize Cyber Risk Analytics data in actuarial modeling and analysis.
  • Display vulnerability trends, organization activity, and breakdowns of current vendors and their products in use.
  • Benchmark organizations side-by-side.


Flexible solutions that scale and adapt to meet your needs.

  • Flexible program and support options.
  • Utilize our easy-to-use SaaS portals or import metadata into platforms you already use via ready-to-use integrations or RESTful API.
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